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5/7/2008 – Thank You to my Loyalists

I wanted to take the opportunity in this blog to thank all of you who purchased my new album, “IN THE TEMPLE OF THE MUSE,” upon its recent release.  You gave my “ship” a wonderful launch, enabling the CD – in its first week – to reach #2 in CD Baby’s independent artists Top Sellers list.  Its early success is made all the more rewarding, and even more personal, by the fact that this is my first release on my independent record label, IroningBoard Records.  So, I owe a great big THANK YOU to those of you whom I like to call “my loyalists”; your faith in my new music is extremely gratifying.

In the meantime, while rehearsing some of my songs recently, a performance of “Blessed” (which is Track #6 on the new CD) was taped.  “Blessed” is a simple song about the commitment that two people make to each other when they decide to spend the rest of their lives together within the union of marriage.  The video was shot in one take, without any edits, and we felt that it captured the song’s intimacy, so we decided to share it with you.  I hope you like it.

Also, a week ago, I was featured on Audionowcast’s 50th “birthday” podcast show.  It was a fun night and a great celebration.  I had the chance to talk about various songs on the new album – within a slightly different context from previous interviews I’ve done.  Mike Rodriguez, who hosted the show, presented me with some intriguing questions that focused more on the production, technical and musical inspiration behind the recording of “Temple”.  A great deal of my studio recording process involves “planned mistakes” and “controlled chaos”, so I found it refreshing to recall some of those behind-the-scenes moments.  Check out the link to the Podcast on my websites, and enjoy the interview and birthday party!

Before I sign off, I want to say once again, thanks guys, for your support of my new record.

Until next time ….

– Martin

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